Vauva Natural

Handmade baby's skincare and aromatherapy

Our mission is to help babies grow healthy and happy, providing pure everyday care products which are effective, safe and free of harmful chemicals.

We offer our experience of mindful living to new parents encouraging them to make healthy choices for their little ones.

Our obligation is to protect the natural environment, to reduce the foot print of our actions on nature, and to leave a cleaner and better world for the next generations.

Safe choice for wholesome beginning of life!

Our story

Inspired by her wonderful granddaughters, in spring of 2017 the founder of Atlantis Skincare - Zane Piese, created a new product line for babies and kids - Vauva Natural.

The new line includes fine aromatherapy products which help babies calm and relax, ensuring a better night’s sleep or as we joke "to scare away night-time monsters". It also includes gentle products for baby's everyday skincare rituals.

All products are formulated with the purest natural and organic ingredients, designed for sensitive and fragile baby's skin, free of parabens, SLS, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, silicones, petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients that may irritate delicate skin.

Our products are never tested on animals, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

We are proud of our new Vauva Natural line, in which we have put in all our knowledge, experience and love, creating fantastic products that help babies grow.

Enjoy your offspring's babyhood with Vauva Natural

What does the baby need to grow? Your love, attention and basic care.

So, show your love and affection by cuddling, touching, smiling, talking, singing, encouraging your little one whenever you can.

Give your baby attention when she/he is upset or happy to build a trusting emotional bond. And make her/his daily skin care an adventure using superb Vauva Natural products.

Your love and care will give your offspring a secure base from which to explore the world.

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