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Dedicated to bring the best to your baby through the power of plants and the finest all natural ingredient blends.

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What people are saying

I've been using Vauva products for both, my son (newborn) and my daughter (1y 10months). I've used the Vauva Baby Oil to treat my sons dry skin after he was born. After just one use I could already see the difference. His skin was softer, the flaky skin had disappeared and his skin looked more hydrated. I used the Baby oil during bath time by adding it to the water, which worked wonders (you just have to be careful that your baby doesn't turn its head and swallow the water), as after the first bath his skin was no longer dry at all. I still add it to the bath water every time though, as his skin is just so soft after. I've used the room spray for both my children and after a couple of nights noticed a difference in their sleep quality. If before my daughter used to wake up crying or call me, now if she wakes up she peacefully drifts back to sleep her self. I've also used the foaming wash for both of them. My daughter absolutely loves it. She loves the foamy texture, adding fun to her bath time. But I love the fact it also cleanses her skin gently and leaves it hydrated. I love the fact that not only can I use it for both of them, but I can use it for both - their skin and their hair and I don't have to buy 2 or more separate products. I actually use it myself as well, because its natural, leaves my skin and hair softer, and I also love the fact that it doesn't contain any unnecessary or harmful ingredients, so really it can be used for the whole family.
Anita - mother of two
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